Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A beginner's guide to travel.

1. You are Never Too Old to Start Travelling.   Living with my father, who served in the Army, we as a family were habitual to changes in landscape, language and climate in every three years. When I started pondering about my career choice, Army was the only fitting choice that came to my mind. So atfer getting commisioned into Army, I started my voyage at a decent age of 24. But there is actually nothing like an ideal age for traveling. However, one has to make sure he/she does all the experiments he/she can while they still have the youthfull body. Make ur trips more adventurous, moke instantaneous and more crazy while you can!! Once the age picks up on you, You can take those lazy and luxurious trips anywhere.

2.  Its the Journey That Counts not the Destination.  First of all, I would like to make it clear that travelling does'nt really mean anything if you just pick a destination and pay a visit . That  would simply be called as visiting, is'nt it?? To actually realise the fun and essence of traveling  one has to take a trip, burn the tarmac, munch the miles and feel the joy of covering distances by ownself. Be it on two wheels or on four wheels. Personally, I believe there is noithing that comes close to the feeling of adventure when you travel on two wheels. As its said, 'in a four wheeler you see an awesome movie with the best seat but on two wheels you are actually a part of that movie'. There are obviously exceptions when you can't help but book a flight and reach the destination.

3. Always Remember to Capture the Moments. Once you have done a particular trip. Only feeling that comes close to actually bieng there is when you go through the pics and videos. So folks, dont forget to capture as much as you can.  Buying a good camera is always recommended but i suggest you also buy a decent camcorder or an action cam if you are a bike enthusiast. Other than the moments when you intentionally stand and pose in front of the cameras, buying a good action cam means you can fix it on a mount, switch it on and capture those unexpected moments which in most cases make the best of memories. It is always a good idea to keep your pics from every trip sorted and if resources permit make a nice little movie out of every trip that you take compiling the best of pics and videos. Thats how I keep my memories of every trip fresh. If u dont have a high performance movie maker, the defualt one which comes with  windows is good enough in most cases.

4. Always Share Your Moments.  It is nice to see people appreciate your pics and videos and share your excitement. So do share your moments on the social media and keep finding new and innovative ways to put forward your travelouges. Remember, you do have to make people feel that you had an awesome time, even if you didnt !!

5. Do Your Homework Thoroughly for Those Planned Trips.  Unless you take an instant and unplanned trip, which in most cases becomes more adventurous and memorable, you should always search the travelouges on the internet and prepare accordingly. Depending on the level of luxury you want you can pre book your hotels, cabs or other activities.  It is always good to be prepared for what is to come your way, specially fot those adventure trips like trekking, long bike rides into the remote areas and roads trip accross other countries. Knowledge about the region, language aspects and availabilty of basic needs in and around  your route always helps you to have a better trip.

6. Keep Those Distances Per Day Under Control.  When travelling by road, keep your destination distances  within an easy reach as much as possible. Relentless travelling by road affects both the mood of a traveller and the mood of the machine adversely. Do take breaks every two hours, specially when riding on your bike. While driving a four wheeler, take enough refreshments along and do take frequent halts to keep urself fresh. Indian roads are as diverse  as the country itself. Your distance to be covered per day (DCPD)  will vary according to the roads you have. On most highways in central, south  and west India and in Plains in the north, you can keep it at 300-400 Kms per day. Anything above this should be avoided even if you have a wonderfull road and you want to drive/ride more. In the highways in the mountains, your DCPD should come down to 200-300 kms per day for a comfortable ride/drive. Ther are offcourse remote areas like  far north in the Himalayas and in the north east with little or no roads where it comes down to 100-200 Kms per day.

7. Wear Proper Gear Always and Everytime.  Bieng a biker, one has the responsibility of carrying the image and reputation of all the bikers around the world. Unfortunetly due to some posers, the biking community is seen in a bad light. But Iam glad all that is changing now and a lot of responsible bikers are coming up in our country. So guys, whenever you ride, do wear a proper gear. Helmets are a must. Other than that a pair of gloves, a good jacket and elbow and knee gaurds are neccesary for a long ride. I personally dont like to wear the elbow and knee guards over the clothes. So I bought smaller ones which I wear under my jacket and my trousers. That makes me look less fancy and keeps me protected as well. Its with my personal experiences that I know how important these guards are. They have saved my limbs and life on three different occasions. So folks, If you are going to be a biker than it is important that you become a responsible one.

8. Do Buy those Saddle Bags and Tank Bags For Your Bike Trips.  When I first started riding, I used to tie whatever luggage I had with the bungee chords on to my bike. But soon, I realised that it leads to poor management of stuff and more importantly, poor presentation. When You are riding as biker, it is important that you look like a professional biker. Do buy the saddle bags and the tank bags for effecient management of luggage. These things help you keep ur stuff safe and within easy access. Moreover, in most cases they end up making your bike look even better and you look like a professional. Is'nt the most important thing?

The Dirstsack Saddle bags  and Tank Bags are wonderfull Options 

Sony HDR AS30V Mounted on a Spartan Progear Helmet.

9. Well guys!! This is all I can think of right now. If there are any questions or queries please comment. I will try to resolve to the best of my ability. Happy and safe travelling!! God Speed!


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